Featured brand- Normann CopenhagenShop Normann Copenhagen
Founded in Denmark in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen is an international design brand rooted in Danish design traditions. Continuously expanding collection encompassing furniture, lighting and home accessories is defined by clean lines with a playful twist and crafted with an emphasis on quality and durability.
101 CopenhagenShop 101 Copenhagen
101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded in 2017. With a vision to honor exquisite quality and craftsmanship, the collection encompasses furniture, lighting and accessories in a timeless, yet modern design. With a true passion for materials and refined textures, organic shapes and colours, 101 Copenhagen presents the epitome of classics and must-have novelties for Scandinavian and international interior connoisseurs alike. The design of 101 Copenhagen is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian soil and nourished by Japanese minimalist aesthetics. Sharing an emphasis on quality materials, techniques and traditions, the meeting between the North and the East is notable in the holistic collections of 101 Copenhagen. The design approach is dynamic and characterised by freedom of expression - creating unique and timeless pieces without compromising on playfulness and individuality.
Acqua di ParmaShop Acqua di Parma
Acqua di Parma was founded in 1916 in a small perfume factory in the center of Parma's historic old town, after which the company is named. At the time, the majority of commercial perfumes were much stronger and heavier in composition; so the unusually light and refreshing fragrance from Parma found wide success in Europe. In the 1930s the increasing popularity of the cologne led to an increase in production and the development of its distribution. The thirties and fifties are described as a 'golden age' for Acqua di Parma Colonia, which became very successful among members of high society. Now, Acqua di Parma is a symbol of Italian luxury, a lifestyle brand that produces fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather accessories - all of them exclusively made in Italy.
Italian housewares and kitchen utensil company Alessi was founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi who started with producing tableware items a few years after World War I. His son Carlo became the first designer and his brother Luigi introduced the collaboration with external designers. Alessi believes that functionality will have to go hand in hand with aesthetics and they are supported by research that proves that our emotions are influenced by items around us. Many of their products can be seen in well- known museums around the world - Centre Pompidou, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.
Aquanova’s family business was established in 1948, selling a wide variety of household items and practical devices. Today, they develop unique products for the bathroom with the focus on high quality and design. Two times a year they launch a new collection with innovative and strong concepts. Aquanova’s aim is to create a variety of moods that make you feel at home. Let your bathroom give you a feeling of rest, comfort and relaxation with Aquanova’s wide range of textiles and accessories.
Aino SkincareShop Aino Skincare
Aino Skincare is here to deliver new line of sleep skincare, mixed with the best quality, science and technology. This bedding is made for way more than sleeping. These anti-bacterial products, with silver threads woven in, work by using silver ions’ natural antimicrobial properties to kill off the bacteria that causes acne, atopic dermatitis and eczema.
Avolt is a Swedish-based design studio that develops, designs and markets objects that extend electricity to devices, deploying Scandinavian design for homes, offices, retail environments and public spaces.
Baobab CollectionShop Baobab Collection
Similarly to its African namesake, Baobab's candles are large and unusual. First collection was inspired by Tansania, although the brand itself is of Belgian origin. Baobab offers a wide selection of room diffusers and candles, the materials are gathered from Europe: wax from Germany, glass from Poland, leather from Italy and scents are born in France. As the candles are handmade, each one is unique. All Seasons is most inspired by Africa but will also take us to a journey from the pyramids to the Russian steppes.
Founded in 1961. and rooted in German precision and exceptional quality, Blomus has succeeded in building a company that believes in purity of shape, honesty of materials and a passionate approach. This has made Blomus a leading provider of interior design and accessories to last and be loved for generations to come, acknowledged by numerous design awards.
BOSS Home, being a part of Fremaux Delorme group, carries within itself the legendary modern ja elegant touch of Hugo Boss. Well-known signature elements create a chic atmosphere and are inspired by nature in sync with the sharpness of modern architecture. The result is an intriguing combination of soft materials and minimalistic artificiality of Hugo Boss. Here you will find fine bed linen and bathroom and beach products.
The New York based designer Sandy Chilewich is founder and creative director of Chilewich | Sultan LLC, a company managed with her partner and husband Joe Sultan. For the last three decades and with two distinct businesses, Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices. During the last 12 years Chilewich has designed innovative textiles for numerous applications. Best known for her placemats and floormats, her materials can now be seen on iPhone cases, bags and other products marked by ingenuity and elegance.
Cooee DesignShop Cooee Design
Cooee is a contemporary design brand with its roots in the heart of Sweden’s Småland. The brand’s timeless products are easily mixed and matched since they all have a sophisticated, minimalistic Scandinavian look and come in muted colours that fit perfectly with each other.
In 1943 Guy Degrenne took over his fathers foundry and managed to gather raw material from abandoned tanks. His ambition was to make stainless steel cutlery attainable to every family. By 1968 his brand started to show first signs of success as different departments of production and design were added. Booming television marketing helped to commercialise Degrenne and in the end of the 1980s it had become an empire, producing glass, crystal, cutlery, tableware.
Dr.VranjesShop Dr.Vranjes
Known for its historical tradition of craftsmanship and perfume production, the city of Florence has always been the inspiring muse for their creativity. Their iconic diffuser bottle, for example, is inspired by Brunelleschi’s Dome. Everyday they thrive to achieve the highest quality by continuing the artisan traditions of Florence. They work hard to offer a unique olfactory experience, encompassed in a craftsmanship that is made to last, from their glass fragrance diffusers made by Tuscan artisans all the way to their Florentine paper cases and exquisite scented candle vases. The history of Dr. Vranjes Firenze is intertwined with the personal story of its founder. Dr. Paolo Vranjes continues to design unique products to this day. From home fragrances to candles, from personal perfumes to body products, he continues to answer the same questions he asked himself as a boy: “Where do perfumes come from? What makes them special? And why, by combining different fragrances, something new, something tailored and magical is produced every time?”
ester & erikShop ester & erik
ester & erik is a family-owned company that has been making high-quality candles since 1987. Since then, the logo with the heart in the middle has been ester & erik’s trademark – an icon reflecting the couple’s fondness for each other, and in particular for candles, craftsmanship and the quality behind their vision. A vision of creating warmth, joy and life through the candles which they have invented, produced and developed themselves for two generations. The family’s experience and expertise – combined with a uniquely elegant design and special production methods – mean that ester & erik candles are not simply candles, but design icons for the home. ester & erik candles are natural products made from wax, wick and dye of the highest quality – the same raw materials we have been using since the company was established in 1987. The candles are made from 100% paraffin wax of the purest quality available, which can be heated and used without the need to add any artificial ingredients. The wick is made of 100% pure cotton, while both the dyes and lacquers are water-based and therefore contain neither acetone nor aniline.
Eva Solo was established over 100 years ago. Today, the company is managed and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, who represents the fourth generation of the founder’s family. Jan’s mother is called Eva, and her father, i.e. Jan’s grandfather, is one of the company’s three former CEOs. It was Eva’s name that inspired the company’s name. Their distinctive designs have in many ways reflected the developments which have taken place in the modern home. The starting point was functional, high-quality kitchen utensils for the Scandinavian housewife – as exemplified by their bread and meat slicing machine from 1952. As women entered the labour market, Eva Solo developed tools to make life easier in the kitchen. In the 1970s, when open-plan kitchens became all the rage, they were the first company to produce kitchen equipment that was sufficiently stylish to leave out on display. In keeping with its history, the company is today known for the functional and high-quality design of its products. Eva Solo has grown into a modern, innovative and international design company with about 60 employees.
Since the launch of their first collection in 2011, Frama has embraced an organic and collaborative approach to design; an approach that is equally inspired by the old and the new, by digital technologies and analogue traditions. Frama’s naturalistic, hands-on approach to design and production has allowed the brand to create an honest and warm aesthetic across a growing range of product collections, including: furniture, lighting, home objects, fabrics, apothecary, books, and kitchens.
At GUAXS they develop sculptural glass objects, that change the atmosphere of a room and have an effect on the people around them. They draw inspiration from forms of nature and cultural artefacts, always influenced by personal experience gathered on travels, intuition and close observation. Their objects are made of authentic and sustainable materials, manufactured by hand following practical knowledge and handcraft techniques developed over centuries. Each piece shows the variable traces of human work on its surface, creating interplay between sculptural form and texture. More specifically, the design of their glass objects combines these aspects with a nuanced and strong color impression, leading to a smooth and natural appearance. This allows them to integrate well into any architecture, while remaining something special and magic at the same time.
Georg JensenShop Georg Jensen
Ever since 1904 the timeless Scandinavian designs from Georg Jensen have spread joy and elegance with a unique combination of craftsmanship, functionality and artistic aesthetics. The philosophy of Georg Jensen is to create innovative designs that are both beautiful and functional. From masterpieces to jewellery, home products and watches, the diverse range of design objects covers your every need and desire. Designed to enrich everyday life.
A thousand years ago, Japanese sword-smiths developed the high art of sword making to proovide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai. GLOBAL knives have been handcrafted in Japan using the same tradition for over 30 years and are developed using the best raw materials available. Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand. Global kitchen knives were first designed in 1985 by the creative visionary, Komin Yamada. When Yamada was commissioned for this task, his mandate was to develop a range of knives that was truly new and revolutionary, using the best materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques. He was to fashion a series of kitchen knives which would appeal to the professional and amateur chefs alike, be comfortable and easy to handle, and meet their most demanding requirement.
House DoctorShop House Doctor
Established in 2002 by siblings Gitte Juhl Capel, Rikke Juhl Jensen and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. The family-owned business began as an interior shop in the small Danish town of Ikast, but it soon outgrew this location as the siblings began presenting their own designs at a trade fair. In the beginning, the siblings did everything themselves – from washing the floors to designing and selling the products. Since then, a lot has happened. Many talented people have joined House Doctor, new brands have been added to the portfolio and new offices and showrooms have opened around the world.
With a background in cleaning, Camilla Schram, owner of Humdakin, saw a gap in the market for eco-and allergy-friendly cleaning products. This wish and need for responsible products fueled Camilla’s passion and became the start of Humdakin. In 2016 the first orders were sent out after 5 years of developing and testing the perfect cleaning products with unique benefits that you can’t find anywhere else. Humdakin wants you to see the products as an everyday luxury and hopefully give you the feeling of wanting to keep your household organized, clean and styled.
Reviving the age-old tradition of Turkish bathing, Hamam harnesses the wisdom behind timeless rituals to create a range of luxuriously-plush towels, bathmats and fluffy robes. From quick-dry modal and lightweight cottons to superior absorbent terry towel, Hamam sources only the finest natural fabrics. Whether designed in blocks of colour, edged with traditional trims or textured and printed for eye-catching appeal, the range is thoughtfully designed for both practicality and pure indulgence.
Kai is a Japanese brand that has a rich history spanning over 200 years. Since 1908 they have produced more than 10 000 different products starting with scissors and ending with kitchen knives, which are valued both by professionals and home cooks around the globe. Most popular series are Wasabi Black, more affordable to wider audiences, and Shun, a luxury line. Either way, Kai offers an investment for life.
Kosta BodaShop Kosta Boda
Kosta Boda offers inspiring art glass and contemporary products for everyday use along with interior design objects derived from Swedish design tradition. Their assortment is aimed towards a modern lifestyle and it’s progressive with integrity in a premium position. Did you know? The furnaces have been lit at their glassworks in Kosta since 1742.
L'Atelier du VinShop L'Atelier du Vin
L’Atelier du Vin has been creating exclusive wine tools since 1926. Their family business has now become the oenology specialist, from cellar to table. In house design studio and workshop design and produce new products. L'Atelier du Vin are convinced that learning about wines and the world of winemaking can enhance the enjoyment of wine tasting. They are offering high-quality products to help you participate in the contemporary pleasurable ritual of wine conservation, preparation and service.
Laurence TavernierShop Laurence Tavernier
Growing from its foundation in Lyons, France in 1987, Laurence Tavernier has created a brand of lounge and nightwear that has found recognition for its refined, effortless style. Modern and elegant, as each piece has been designed for its versatility in crossing from nightwear to daywear, produced with the finest quality materials, soft tailoring and distinctive colours and prints. Creating simple lines and shapes these are clothes designed to be comfortable, useful and beautiful, to be slipped into with ease and make you feel good.
Le Jacquard FrancaisShop Le Jacquard Francais
Le Jacquard Français' story begins in Vosges mountain range, in a small village known for its ancestral textile tradition. Specializing in fine damask linen, Le Jacquard Français offers a wide range of exclusive Table linen, Kitchen linen and Bath linen. Beautiful patterns and the use of age-old techniques make their linen a stunning addition to your home.
Lind DNA is a Danish design company founded by the two sisters Mie and Bine Lind. Inspired by the rugged Scandinavian outdoors and with a predilection for sustainable Danish materials and especially recycled leather (80% recycled leather and 20% natural rubber), the sisters designed their first collection of lifestyle products and interior design in 2013. The Lind DNA vision is to create designs that respect and challenge the Danish design tradition. Local production and craftsmanship, use of natural and sustainable materials and the ties of the Lind family are among the founding values.
Linie DesignShop Linie Design
Linie Design's mission is clear - to create handwoven rugs that remain true to the Nordic design traditions of uncompromising quality and uncluttered aesthetics. Linie Design continues its collaboration with a number of Danish textile designers, led by Head of Design Urd Moll Gundermann. Their rug collection reflects the unique creative styles of each individual designer, reproduced by hand by skilled artisans in India. Whilst keeping traditional heritage values in high esteem and exceptional quality consistently high, the design team uses innovative technology and new techniques to create new dimensions and push boundaries in design.
Luigi BormioliShop Luigi Bormioli
A family-run Italian company that has played a prominent role in the glassmaking world since the 14th century. Luigi Bormioli is an acknowledged glassware stylist, an expression of "Made in Italy" excellence worldwide that has always produced in accordance with the highest quality standards.
Mariage FreresShop Mariage Freres
A French gourmet tea company founded 1854 by two brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage, whose family had participated in the booming tea trade since the 17th century. The business consisted of importing premium quality leaf teas from the Orient, which were then traded to first class hotels and tea shops in France. Endowed with a pre-eminent heritage of tea trading over three centuries, Mariage Frères has created a new universe: that of "French Tea". They work in a niche, where quality is valued over volume.
Meraki is a welcoming universe of comfort and wellness that invites you to turn daily self-care into moments of calm. Our products are designed and developed in Denmark – inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature’s treasury. The products fill your daily care with gentle, nourishing ingredients, carefully selected for their positive qualities, documented effects, and natural fragrances. Life is made up of moments. They whizz by as we are busy making plans, going places, helping others, and sometimes forgetting ourselves.
MicroplaneShop Microplane
Microplane is all about the blade. Over 25 years of USA manufactured etched ultra-sharp blades, means you will receive a durable, stainless steel, zester that will grate hard spices like cinnamon, and nutmeg. Without losing a beat, or a sharp tooth, this zester will also zest citruses like oranges, limes, and lemons.. The hard plastic handle provides a sturdy grip. We know there are many choices out there, choose the tool that is most often cited as a top kitchen tool.
Max BenjaminShop Max Benjamin
A family owned, candle-making studio situated in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland surrounded by rambling scented hedgerows and breathtaking scenery. Using only 100% natural wax, their scents are inspired by both their travels around the world and by the natural habitat on their doorstep, helping you relax and unwind.
Nicolas VaheShop Nicolas Vahe
At Nicolas Vahé, they live to surprise and to challenge the ordinary. They create astonishing taste experiences and combine products in ways you have never seen before. A Nicolas Vahé product will give you an experience beyond the ordinary – in regards to ingredients, packaging and taste combinations. Only when everything plays together perfectly will the experience take you to new places. All their products tell a story, create a very special Nicolas Vahé atmosphere and make perfect sense in daily cooking routines. What is your story going to look like? How will it taste?
Normann CopenhagenShop Normann Copenhagen
Founded in Denmark in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen is an international design brand rooted in Danish design traditions. Continuously expanding collection encompassing furniture, lighting and home accessories is defined by clean lines with a playful twist and crafted with an emphasis on quality and durability.
A design company founded in 2011 with a vision to continously create design that sparks curiosity.​ They are driven by the desire to challenge boundaries and barriers between time periods, design directions, cultures and materials.​​ They believe in creating pieces with character, balancing form, function and comfort ​​to create timeless pieces on the leading edge of design.​ With sculptural, courageous and sophisticated design, they have a desire to push boundries and thread new pathways.​​ Crafted with genuine materials, NORR11 pieces are made to use, and build to last. Their in-house design studio is led by our founder Tommy Hyldahl and designer Kristian Sofus Hansen. The design is driven by curiosity and willingness to challenge conventional thinking, always favouring comfort and functionality from an aesthetic foundation.
The history of Orrefors is the story of how the simplest ingredients – lime, sand and soda – can become magnificent glass objects. Fueled by the forest, the artists and designers made Orrefors a global leader in glass. First, they produced glass jars for preserved foods in nineteenth-century Orrefors. As social movements and the notion of “more beautiful everyday goods” took hold around the turn of the last century, artists Edward Hald and Simon Gate were invited to the glassworks. They promptly began making new objects with color and engraving. The results became popular worldwide through exhibitions, interior design and objects for everyday use. Before long, glass from the forests of Småland was incomparable, “There is nothing like it! (Il n’y as que ça!),” exclaimed the 1925 World’s Fair in Paris. More artists and designers joined Orrefors and the designs were refined and reconsidered. Hot glass contains infinite possibilities – for those who have mastered the skill. The glass made today is based on expertise generated over more than a century. The very best designers now continue to enchant the world with the brilliance and beauty of glass. The story about the glass from Orrefors continues.
Peugeot is one of the most iconic French brands with a strong tradition of exceptional quality and innovation. Peugeot Saveurs spice mills appear in home kitchens all over the world as well as on many of the greatest chefs’ tables and the history behind them is extraordinary. In the 19th century, Peugeot began manufacturing saw blades, coffee mills, steel cage crinolines, spice mills for the dining table, penny-farthing bicycles among other things and creativity has always driven the brand to the pinnacle of ingenuity. Over the years, Peugeot has diversified further into even more product categories.
Ralph LaurenShop Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren was the first designer in the United States that offered people an extensive home decor collection. Almost 40 years has passed since the founding of the brand and it has become synonymous with classic and mastery. Their interior design has a lot of opulence to it and is built on a principle -“modesty is overrated”. Ralph Lauren encourages you to combine different patterns, textiles and textures.
Rig-Tig means ‘just right’ in Danish. Rig-Tig is an award-winning kitchenware brand that combines form and function in perfect balance. Getting every detail just right is one of their core values. They don’t just deliver trend-setting kitchenware, they also keep in mind nature's limited resources.
Rosenthal was founded by Philipp Rosenthal who relied on his experiences gained in the States. Brand was created in 1879 when a factory for porcelain painting was born. He found success in 1886 by introducing a popular ashtray and decided to start with his very own porcelain factory. Rosenthal was praised for his modern design and groundbreaking production methods. Today, Rosenthal is a major contender in its field and is a member of Sambonet Paderno since 2009.
Rahu by ReketShop Rahu by Reket
Scented candles made in Estonia. Created by Reket.
Riedel - the wine glass company is known for the creation and development of grape varietal-specific stemware. Riedel Crystal was the first in history to recognize that the taste and aroma of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, and has been recognized for its revolutionary designs complementing alcoholic beverages and other drinks. Founded in 1756 and pioneering grape varietal-specific stemware since 1958, Riedel has become the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs and drink specialists, hospitality professionals and consumers globally. Family owned and operated by Georg J. Riedel (10th generation) and Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation).
In 1856, Giuseppe Sambonet, a Fine Arts graduate and the son of a nobleman from Vercelli, obtained his warrant as Master Goldsmith and established the company, Giuseppe Sambonet, depositing his seal bearing the initials “GS” at the Turin mint. At the beginning of the twentieth century his company was the Official Purveyor to many noble families, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. Sambonet represents Italian excellence in the production of stainless steel and silverware cutlery. From classic moods to design experiments, passing through colored finishes or vintage effects.
Serax's story begins in 1986, in a garage of two brothers - Serge and Axel Van Den. Today they have grown into an internationally acclaimed brand that produces home decor and tableware. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, their products are manufactured exclusively by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. Their collections are unique in shape, material and style. Serax is a daily search for beauty, for good things that add value to living and create a home that brings happiness.
Staub originates from France, Alsace, a region famous for its culinary tradition and delicious food. They specialise in cast iron and ceramic cookware for both home cooks and professionals alike, who are striving towards an authentic and emotional cooking experience. Perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology are valued by restaurateurs from all over the world.
Stellan and Carton were two good friends who decided to conjoin their names in 1960. and create one of the most renowned Danish brands to date. In the beginning they experimented with various products, such as sneakers or furniture, but the right spot was hit with stainless steel cutlery. These were very much in vogue in Denmark at that time and Stelton became a success. Peter Holmblad joined the company and his boundless vision took Stelton even further. He believed that in order for a brand to make it, they need to offer memorable designs. He turned to the most famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen and with his help, Stelton has become synonymous with Scandinavian design.
A Scandinavian clothing care brand with a mission to change the way we treat our clothes. Breathing fresh air into textile care, Steamery is on a mission to modernize this centuries-old tradition. Creating innovative products designed for the urban fast-paced lifestyle, that slows down unsustainable patterns.
STOFF NagelShop STOFF Nagel
STOFF Nagel is a Danish design brand founded in 2015 known for the relaunch of the iconic STOFF Nagel candle holder. The classic piece was launched using Werner Stoff’s original drawings and since then more designs from the 1960’s design era have been revived. Today, the collection consists of the STOFF Nagel candle holder, vase, bowl, stand, wall hanger, floor stand, glass base and exclusive candles. The functional design touches the Scandinavian minimalism and the stackable approach allows you to combine and create individual sculptures by an infinite of modules. The iconic design is considered a work of art – a personal statement with artistic freedom ready to assume the shape of its owner’s unique creativity.
Urban ApothecaryShop Urban Apothecary
Urban Apothecary was born at the kitchen table. It was here, with an abundance of aromatic botanicals spilling from beautiful bottles and mouth blown glass vessels, that an idea took root. Why not channel this love for fragrances that stir the senses and curious home accessories into a unique lifestyle collection. Today, there’s a candle factory and smart offices to house the beautifully crafted, award-winning collections, yet every product alongside all the scents draws deeply from the original ethos.
Uyuni LightingShop Uyuni Lighting
Uyuni Candles are traditional in their aesthetic, luxurious to the touch, and innovative in their mechanics. Not only is the unique 3D flame a first-of-its-kind, but Uyuni Candles offer a practicality that sets them apart; turn them on and off from a distance or dim them to your desire with a useful remote control and timer options of 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. A 6-hour manual timer switch allows you to conserve battery life while still benefitting from a lengthy ambient glow. Uyuni Candles are individually handcrafted with care from real wax.
valerie_objectsShop valerie_objects
valerie_objects is a Belgian high-end design label who’s mission consists of allowing extraordinary designers and artists to translate their signature style into tangible objects, in order to reinstall an aesthetic meaning to the tools and objects we use every day. In short: give daily objects their beauty back.
Founded in 1978 in Milan, Gianni Versace S.r.l is one of the leading international fashion design houses and a symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, prèt-à-porter, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings all bearing the distinctive Medusa logo. After the tragic death of Gianni, his sister Donatella leads the famous fashion house and shapes their creation in both fashion and home decor. “Versace is a way of life. Those who choose Versace will find from us everything that lifestyle comprises.” - Gianni Versace.
Villeroy & BochShop Villeroy & Boch
Villeroy & Boch dates back to 1748, when François Boch and his three sons started producing ceramics with an innovative approach. In 1906 the Bochs opened a modern factory and their up-to-date production methods made porcelain, prir only available to aristocracy, also attainable to common people. In 1836 Boch joined with Villeroy and the brand we know today was born. Their success lies in creativity, innovation and work ethics. This has built an internationally valued lifestyle brand that offers quality, traditions and impeccable design.
Meaning ‘the world’ or ‘the earth’ in Danish, VERDEN is a natural fragrance brand for bath, body and home. VERDEN was founded by Charlotte Semler and Arabella Preston – the team behind VOTARY Skincare.The beauty of fragrance lies in the joy of the memories and the emotions it evokes.  Breathing air infused with natural fragrance re-establishes our link to nature and our place within it. VERDEN is inspired by the focal role of nature in Charlotte’s Danish childhood memories. Charlotte returned to her childhood beach house after decades away and realised that it was the immersion in unchanging nature – water, landscape and fragrance, as much as the endless summer light – that brought her back to happiness. VERDEN roots itself in natural fragrance to reconnect you with happiness in every moment of self-care. VERDEN captures joyful nature, emotions and memories in fragrance and wellness.  Reconnect with happiness: Breathe and begin again.
Yves DelormeShop Yves Delorme
Yves Delorme was founded in 1845 in Lille, where Fremaux family opened a small linens weaving company. With growing experience they were able to turn a small family business into a brand with strong identity. In the beginning of the 1980s Dominique Fremaux and Yves Delorme joined forces and in 2002 the brand became known as Yves Delorme. Today, this name stands as a symbol of luxurious lifestyle.
Zone DenmarkShop Zone Denmark
Striving to create functional home design that challenges convention, Zone Denmark’s simply sleek products beautify the everyday. Award winning, their take on Danish design is honest & minimalist and their pieces are made from materials as innovative as the products themselves. A must-have for Scandi bathrooms and living spaces.
Zwilling J.A. HenckelsShop Zwilling J.A. Henckels
Zwilling J.A. Henckels produces cutlery and tableware and is one of the oldest brands in the world. Zwilling means in twins and was patented in 1731 by Peter Henckels. 40 years later his son Johann added his name Henckels to Zwilling. First store was opened in 1818 in Berlin and was soon followed by shops in New York and Vienna. The brand stands for German precision and quality.